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Fuel usage and refuelling

a) Refuelling is only permitted in the team's designated garages.
b) No car may be refuelled after it has left the pit lane to start the first reconnaissance lap permitted under Article 38.1.
c) Fuel may not be added to nor removed from a car during a race.
29.2 No car may be refuelled, nor may fuel be removed from a car, at a rate greater than 0.8 litres per second.
29.3 The driver may remain in his car throughout refuelling but the engine must be stopped.
29.4 During all refuelling or fuel handling operations:
a) The relevant personnel must be wearing clothing which will provide adequate protection against fire.
b) An assistant, wearing clothing which will provide adequate protection against fire, and who is equipped with a suitable fire extinguisher of appropriate capacity must be present.
c) All cars, refuelling equipment and containers must be suitably grounded where necessary.
d) Any powered pumping system used to transfer fuel must be operated by a non-latching switch or be turned off automatically if the operator leaves.
29.5 No car is permitted to consume more than 100kg of fuel, from the time at which the signal to start the race is given to the time each car crosses the Line after the end-of-race signal has been given. Other than in cases of force majeure (accepted as such by the stewards of the meeting), any driver exceeding this limit will be excluded from the race results.