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Focus - cricket meets Formula One racing 03 Aug 2003

Cricketing hero Sachin Tendulkar will be watching this afternoon's German Grand Prix from the grandstand opposite the pits. He was spotted strolling through the paddock this morning with his wife, having flown in especially for the race. Formula1.com took the chance to catch up with the Indian batsman and asked him about his fascination of our sport.

Q: How long have you been a fan of Formula One?
I have always been a fan of fast cars, so it's only natural that I should like Formula One too. I find the technical side of the sport as fascinating as the sporting side. These cars are fantastic.

Q: Would you like to drive one?
Yes please! I drive a Ferrari 360 on the road, which I like, but one of these would be something else. I love speed, so to drive an F1 car would be something else.

Q: Who is your favourite driver?
Michael Schumacher. He is so consistent and has been at the top of his sport for so long, which I find very impressive. Just think back to the Austrian Grand Prix earlier in the year, when he had a fire in the pits. He didn't move from the car, which was extraordinary. The only thing that guy is interested in as winning.

Q: Do you think Formula One would be a hit in India?
Absolutely. It is a growing sport over there and I think the people would love the speed and glamour of F1. I think there are plans to build a track in Hyderabad, in the south. It's an up-and-coming city, which would be a good host for F1.

Q: Are there any similarities between Formula One and cricket?
On the surface, there are not many because cricket is a completely human sport, whereas in F1 the driver is very reliant on his car. But I think the competition between the drivers is probably the same that you have between a batsman and a bowler. That's very intense.