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Paddock Postcard from Shanghai 01 Oct 2006

Nico Rosberg, Williams team demonstration, Guangzhou, China, 2006 Chinese Grand Prix build-up. © WilliamsF1

The third Chinese Grand Prix has been rather less of an emotional affair than last year’s, which ended the 2005 championship and saw several farewells in the paddock as Sauber, BAR, Minardi and Jordan changed their identities for 2006.

With the championship still very much alive, attention has centred on the battle between Fernando Alonso and Michael Schumacher, with many fans flocking to the track to see the German in action for the last time.

Nico Rosberg took Formula One racing to the people earlier in the week with some pre-race work for Williams. “I arrived here on Monday, actually, to get used to the time difference here and then I had an Oris day in the middle of Shanghai which was quite nice and quite interesting and then yesterday we went to Guangzhou, if I’m pronouncing it right.

“Actually I do know how to spell it, because I’ve been there for a whole day. It’s in the south of China, two hours away and it was quite impressive actually. It’s a very fast-developing city, probably one of the fastest developing cities in China, if not in the world. We drove through the streets in an F1 car, it was amazing. They were so fascinated. It was a nice day in the end!”