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New hairpin for 2004 Spanish Grand Prix 09 Dec 2003

Fernando Alonso (ESP) Renault R23 laps backmarkers.
Formula One World Championship, Rd5, Spanish Grand Prix, Race Day, Barcelona, Spain, 4 May 2003

Next year's Spanish Grand Prix could see even more overtaking thanks to a new hairpin bend due to be introduced at Barcelona's Circuit de Catalunya.

The approach to the existing La Caixa corner, currently a second-gear left hander, is to be shortened and the bend itself made tighter, in order to encourage late braking and passing.

The new corner will be followed by a 100-metre straight and a left kink leading into the existing Banc Sabadell right-hander. The space left between the old La Caixa and the new hairpin will be made into a high-grip asphalt run-off area.

The changes to the circuit are due to be completed by the middle of January. In other alterations, a large stretch of the main straight will be resurfaced and the outside walls at the Repsol and Seat turns will be moved back.

The 2004 Spanish Grand Prix is scheduled to take place in Barcelona on May 9.

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