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Ron Dennis expands on Minardi case. 08 Mar 2003

Ron Dennis (GBR) McLaren Team Owner 
Formula One World Championship, Rd1, Australian Grand Prix, Albert Park, Melbourne, Australia, 7 March 2003

McLaren supremo Ron Dennis has spoken again about Paul Stoddard's troubled Minardi team, after the two bosses' meeting on Friday. Dennis accused elements of the media of being ignorant of the true situation as Stoddard seeks fighting funds to carry on.

Speaking of the amount of money involved, Dennis said "firstly it's $22 million. The second thing is it isn't to do with money. It's to do with some inadequacies, and there are many inadequacies, in the Concorde Agreement, and a desire by a quantity of teams, not just Williams and McLaren ... to properly resolve these shortcomings in how certain aspects of the fiscal arrangements of Grands Prix are currently structured."

Dennis continued: "No one wants that resolution to impact on any specific team, and there is a whole package which is a compromise which both Paul and Eddie [Jordan] are aware of which does not require anybody to give any money back, but which will lead to a clear resolution of the situation."

The McLaren boss also responded directly to accusations that the larger teams have acted unfairly towards their smaller rivals. 'We are talking about the amount of money that is in question to date,' said Dennis, 'If you extrapolate that through to the end of the Concorde agreement it could be a hundred plus million dollars. All we want is clarity and the clarity is not there."