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Cheats? Not here... 09 Mar 2003

The McLaren team take their car back to the McLaren garage under supervision from scrutineers.
Formula One World Championship, Rd1, Australian Grand Prix, Albert Park, Melbourne, Australia, 8 March 2003

Team principals have reacted with disdain to suggestions that teams might try to cheat while their cars are impounded between qualifying and the race.

"The ability for a team to breach a regulation knowing that it would be in contravention of that regulation has existed ever since motor racing started," McLaren Mercedes team principal Ron Dennis said. "But the teams are a pretty honourable bunch and there is certainly a history of teams pushing the envelope, but I think a team deliberately abusing a regulation is to me a distant memory."

While the mechanics had a night off on Saturday, the scrutineers remained the busiest people in the Albert Park paddock as many teams sought 'exceptions' under the new regulations - such as permission to replace cracked body panels. The replacements were carefully weighed.

McLaren, for example, received permission to replace the left rear suspension and sundry body parts after Kimi Raikkonen's qualifying dramas.