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Mosley says new rules are a success 21 Mar 2003

FIA sanctioned grid girls!
San Marino Grand Prix, Imola, Italy, 14 April 2002

FIA president Max Mosley, who has not travelled to the Malaysian Grand Prix, says that Formula One's new rules were successful in Australia.

"It is important not to confuse the new rules (single-lap qualifying, only one wet tyre, two dry tyres per team) with the new procedures introduced on 15 January. The new rules were voted in October by the Formula One commission. They were intended, among other things, to maker the grid less predictable and they certainly did this in Melbourne, because only the two Ferraris and Juan Pablo Montoya were where you might expect them to be on the grid.

"Human error combined with the new rules. The changes to qualifying made it more likely a driver will end up at the wrong end of the grid, and many did. On top of that, two major teams chose the wrong type of tyre. These problems, combined with a damp track and the errors during the race, did the rest."

Responding to the suggestion that the rule requiring teams to start the race with the same fuel load they ended qualifying with prevents anyone seeing ultimately fast laps, Mosley said: "True, but now we have single-lap qualifying you won't see this even if they run with minimal fuel. With single-lap qualifying the driver must avoid an 'off', he must not even get the car out of shape. This is because a few tenths can be several rows on the grid."