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Mosley confirms rules will be reviewed 21 Mar 2003


Max Mosley also confirmed that there will be a review of the new rules after the first three races. "The team managers and technical directors will meet Charlie Whiting on 9 April to review the detailed workings of our procedures in the light of experience at the first three races," he said. "We have invited the team principals to a meeting on 11 April to consider the outcome of Charlie's meeting and discuss whether any procedural changes appear necessary."

After the Australian Grand Prix there has been general acceptance that single-lap qualifying works well and adds a new dimension to the show, but there was less enthusiasm for the rule that cars must race with a similar level of fuel to qualifying. Some team principals said that they felt that it is unnecessarily confusing for the race fans, both those trackside and those watching at home on television.

Mosley's comments did not appear to hold out much hope for actual changes in the regulations themselves, however.

"The rules (as opposed to procedures) cannot be changed during the season without unanimous agreement and I think most of the teams will feel we need more time to see the full effect of the new rules. After all, they were only voted last October."