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Renault happy with Friday testing 03 Mar 2003

Jenson Button (GBR) Renault R202 prepares his car for the Italian Grand Prix.
Italian Grand Prix, Rd.15, Monza, Italy., 15 September 2002

After briefly reconsidering whether to abandon the idea of taking up the FIA offer of an extra two hours of testing in Friday mornings at Grands Prix, in exchange for limits on testing in between races, Renault Sport technical director Mike Gascoyne says the team is quite happy with its original decision.

"For a start there is no limitation on testing up to the first race, so pre-race testing is not affected. The first three races are flyaways so once again you have no disadvantage as people are not testing anyway under the Suzuka Agreement. The first European race is Imola, and you don't test there. At Barcelona you've tested already, in Austra's there's no pre-race testing, nor in Montreal, and you've got an extra two hours at Monaco, which would be a massive advantage.

"Take into account that you have the support of your tyre manufacturer at these Friday tests, and it becomes clear that there might be a serious advantage in testing on a Friday morning."

Renault intends to use former Toyota racer Allan McNish on Friday mornings to exploit his experience of all the GP tracks, and Nissan World Series racer Franck Montagny will do its testing away from races.