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Wind of change for Sauber 02 Mar 2003

Felipe Massa (BRA) Sauber C21 makes a pit stop
Malaysian Grand Prix, Sepang, Malaysia, 17 March 2002

Peter Sauber is putting his money where his mouth is by developing a new $50m wind tunnel that will come on stream at Hinwil in time to influence the design of the Sauber Petronas C24 for 2005. The tunnel is due for completion sometime late in 2003, or early in 2004. The seriousness of the venture sends rivals a clear message about Sauber's commitment to the future. Team Sauber is in the sport for the long haul.

Despite the significant cost, Sauber is adamant that the funding for the ambitious project has come purely from internal team resources. "The interesting thing is that had we invested less in the wind tunnel, the risk would have been higher," he said. "We wanted to have a working tool that you can also use outside of Formula One. It was important to look as far into the future as possible."

"People have asked why we are doing this when the world economy is in recession. My answer is that non-cyclical behaviour is the right thing to do as long as you have the resources, and we do have them. Recession needs investment. If you wait until things improve, you wait too long by Formula One standards. This is a time when we need to be courageous."