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Frentzen explains why experience counts 04 Mar 2003

Heinz-Harald Frentzen (GER) Sauber Petronas C21 made his return to the team with which he began his F1 career.
United States Grand Prix, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, USA, 29 September 2002

Heinz-Harald Frentzen is one of the most mature drivers on the grid, and believes that his experience will count strongly in his favour under the new regulations.

"In my career in F1 I've learned a lot about setting up the car, working together with a team, how to handle all the difficult circumstances," he says. "Calculating pit stops, how to overtake, when to take the opportunity. There are many things to learn, and really there is no limit to when you stop learning.

"I always have driven to the limit from the first corner onwards. But there is something more, some mental things to bring you up to more motivation. The motivation thing is very important, because you haven't got so much time in the race weekend to set up the car perfectly. It is rarely possible to get 100% out of the car. That's a very high target. There are so many things you have to work with. The tyres, the suspension, the aerodynamics, the response of the engine, the electronics. That is where experience can really help."

Team Sauber Petronas technical director Willy Rampf, who worked with the German in the past, says: "Heinz is very good, and has changed a lot compared to previous years. He is more experienced now and still very active setting up the car."