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Button discusses his fitness training 04 Mar 2003

Jenson Button (GBR) BAR.
Formula One World Championship, Rd1, Australian Grand Prix, Preparations, Albert Park, Melbourne, Australia, 5 March 2003

BAR Honda racer Jenson Button is one of the fittest men in F1, thanks to a mix of training disciplines.

"If I'm in the gym I'll do just an hour on the bike, because it's so boring when it's not moving, then 45 minutes running, and then I'll do weights for an hour or so, an hour and a half."

He has gone long past the point of initial reluctance, and admits that training has become a way of life.

"I get up early in the morning if I'm home in Monaco, and go for a cycle when it's nice and quiet. That gives you the whole day then. But training can take over your life, really. You've got to work around it."

Button disagrees with the popular view that Michael Schumacher is the fitness yardstick. "Michael isn't the fittest. I'd say that Mark Webber is, cardio vascularly. And I wouldn't say I'm far behind him."

He has one regret. "It's annoying, because no-one really sees the training. It would be nice if more people saw it so that they understand what we do. They look at footballers and they think, 'Jeez, they train hell of a hard.' But they look at us and think that we just sit down for two hours in a race, how hard can it be?"