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Wilson fights through the pain 03 Apr 2003

Justin Wilson (GBR) Minardi PS03 was forced to retire on lap 43 when his HANS device slipped out of position and trapped a nerve in his shoulder.
Malaysian Grand Prix, Rd2, Sepang, Kuala Lumpur, 23 March 2003

Following the trapped nerve and temporary paralysis he suffered through use of the controversial HANS device in Malaysia, Justin Wilson is preparing to race through the pain in Brazil.

The 24 year old Yorkshireman lost all feeling in his arms in Sepang and it took his mechanics almost ten minutes to pull him from his car following his retirement 15 laps from the chequered flag. He was admitted to hospital in Kuala Lumpur but released after receiving pain killing injections. Although he is still in some pain, he is raring to race in Brazil having undergone physiotherapy and having modified the safety device which has caused him so many problems.

The new system being adopted by many drivers follows David Coulthard's example of using multiple straps to tighten the HANS system over the driver's race harness. "It took about five minutes to realise the new system is much better," Wilson revealed. "You have the usual straps but then an extra strap which helps keep them in place. The old system worked loose after just a few laps."