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Meeting over regulations deferred 07 Apr 2003

Left to right: Gerhard Berger (AUT), Head of BMW Motorsport, Ron Dennis (GBR), Team Owner McLaren Mercedes, Niki Lauda (AUT) Team Principal of Jaguar and Norbert Haug (GER) Head of Mercedes Motorsport, chat about the proposed regulations. 
Australian Grand Prix, Melbourne, Australia, 3 March 2002

The meetings planned between the FIA and the team principals for April 9 and 11 have been postponed.

The plan had been for the team principals to meet among themselves on the 9th, and then to meet with FIA president Max Mosley on the 11th. However, when there was no consensus among the principals when they met in Brazil on Friday evening, the decision was taken to defer any meeting until April 20.

McLaren chief Ron Dennis said: "We need more time to reach agreement among ourselves, because it is very important that the next set of rule changes is clearly for the better. Nobody wants to be pressured into making decisions without the chance to think them through thoroughly."

"The team principals decided that there was no point having any meetings until they had some unanimity of thought," an FIA spokesman said in Brazil.

In a statement issued in Malaysia, Mosley indicated that while procedures might be changed, rule changes were unlikely. However, after the numerous crashes in Brazil there is bound to be pressure from the team principals to allow the tyre manufacturers to bring more than one type of wet tyre to races.

"The principals were the ones who voted for the single wet tyre rule in the first place," the FIA spokesman observed, but BMW Williams insiders are adamant that Frank Williams abstained from that vote.