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San Marino race commentary, laps 31-62 23 Apr 2003

Race winner Michael Schumacher (GER) Ferrari F2002.
Formula One World Championship, Rd4, San Marino Grand Prix, Race Day, Imola, Italy, 20 April 2003

Lap 31: Ralf Schumacher takes his second pit stop, emerging behind Barrichello and Raikkonen. Webber makes another visit to the pitlane for his second scheduled stop.

Lap 32: Fisichella overtakes da Matta for 14th. Montoya pits in again, taking on fuel this time.

Lap 33: Rubens Barrichello pits in again, but comes out to find he's STILL behind Ralf Schumacher. Raikkonen has moved ahead of both of them.

Lap 34: Michael Schumacher pits in, managing to get back just in the lead. Further back Fisichella and Trulli are scrapping furiously.

Lap 35: Kimi is just 1.4 seconds behind Schumacher's Ferrari. Montoya's second stop has relegated him to eighth place.

Lap 37: Jenson Button pits from seventh place, rejoining in ninth.

Lap 39: Renault's Fernando Alonso makes his second stop, returning to the track behind Montoya.

Pizzonia pits in, but the mechanics aren't expecting him! After a long stop he rejoins in last place.

Lap 40: Frentzen pits in the Sauber from eighth and re-emerges in 13th. Jos Verstappen stops on track and retires.

Lap 43: Panis makes his third visit to the pit lane, falling from ninth to 11th.

Lap 45: Michael Schumacher runs wide at Rivazza - his only significant mistake of the race. David Coulthard makes his second stop and rejoins behind Raikkonen. Heidfeld and da Matta both make pit stops.

Lap 47: Mark Webber makes his fourth visit to the pits for his third scheduled stop, rejoining in ninth position.

Lap 48: Ralf Schumacher makes his final stop, returning to the track behind both Barrichello and Raikkonen.

Lap 49: Michael Schumacher and Montoya both pit. Schumacher rejoins in the lead, but lets Barrichello past him. The Brazilian pits in at the end of the lap... his stop is slow because of a problem removing one of his car's wheels. He rejoins to find himself STILL behind Ralf Schumacher! The order goes Michael Schumacher, Kimi Raikkonen, Ralf Schumacher, Rubens Barrichello.

Lap 52: Barrichello passes Ralf on the start/finish straight. Ralph Firman stops out on the circuit and retires his Jordan with mechanical failure.

Lap 54: Mark Webber comes into the pits and retires with a mechanical problem - a desperately unlucky race for the young Australian ace.

Lap 56: Michael Schumacher is letting what was a 19 second margin over Kimi Raikkonen shrink ever smaller...

Lap 58: A hard-charging Raikkonen has narrowed the gap to 11 seconds.

Giancarlo Fisichella retires with a blown engine, oil flags are waving next to where his Jordan expired...

Lap 60: Rubens Barrichello is getting very close to Kimi Raikkonen in the battle for second place.

Lap 62: The race ends with a fine victory for Michael Schumacher, his first of the season. Kimi Raikkonen takes a well-deserved second place, Rubens Barrichello comes third. Then it goes Ralf Schumacher, David Coulthard, Fernando Alonso, Juan Pablo Montoya and, in eighth place scoring the last championship point, Jenson Button in the BAR.