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FIA Friday press conference - Spain, part two 02 May 2003

Juan Pablo Montoya (COL) Williams wears his Oakley sunglasses.
Formula One World Championship, Rd2, Malaysian Grand Prix, Sepang, Malaysia, 21 March 2003


Published with permission from the Federation Internationale de l' Automobile.

Q: David, how do you feel about qualifying ninth today?

David COULTHARD: Well, naturally disappointed not to be closer to the front but the way the system is, to handicap those who are further up in the championship, everyone would agree the conditions were a little more dusty at the start after the Seats were out there running. Other than that, it was a pretty uneventful lap. A couple of small mistakes that cost some time but there wasn't much more that could be done in those conditions.

Q: How do you feel about the new car, are you pushing for that?

DC: I don't think anyone in the team is not pushing to have the new car out and the sooner we can get that on track, because we believe it will be a quicker car, then the better the position we'll be in to continue winning Grands Prix. When you're waiting for something, it always seems to take longer but everyone's working as hard as they can.

Q: Got any idea when you might see it?
DC: Well, we obviously have some ideas but there's no point in giving out a day because it may be earlier, it may be later. It just depends when it all comes together. It's a bit like a natural birth. You know, you have an idea when it's going to pop out but unless you can induce it, which you can't do with a Grand Prix car, it's just a case of when all the parts come together.

Q: You've got your new car, Rubens, how do you feel about it in race situation now?

Rubens BARRICHELLO: Race situation, that's still to be discovered. It's something that we don't know. We've been putting in some mileage last week, finding out a little bit on the set-up and everything because the car got every piece not long time ago. It's been ready probably a month and a bit ago and then we decided not to take it to Imola so I really only had a chance to put it on and see the set-up just last week. But I'm confident. It's definitely a better car, they've done a fantastic job and everything and I'm quite happy.

Q: How did it go today; there was some suggestion you were in the spare car?

RB: I drove the T-car. There was a small problem with my car and it was only very late that they decided that my car wasn't going to be ready, so I jumped into the T-car and there was a small confusion on the position of the pedals, they way I drive and the way Michael drives and when I got in the pedals were completely different. There was a time that I thought I wouldn't go out because there was a problem so for me it was a relief to put in a lap because even though today is nothing, it was actually quite fun to go out. I probably had five seconds to sit in the car and relax and go. So it was OK, the car feels good.

Q: Juan Pablo, 14th today what was the problem?

Juan Pablo MONTOYA: Loads of oversteer. You know, since we started today I had a lot of oversteer and no stability at high-speed and I haven't been able to cure it yet.

Q: It may seem extraordinary to people that having done over 900 laps, which is what you have done round here since November last year, that you still have a problem here. Why should that be?

JPM: It is probably the worst set-up I've had over the winter. But what can you do?

Q: Was that just the change in conditions?

JPM: Probably. All the time you come here and test it is very cold and I think that produces a lot of downforce and causes a lot of problems. Last year's test here the car here the car looked very competitive so I don't know...it's just not very good at the moment. Both Ralf and myself struggled with oversteer and hopefully tomorrow should be better.

Q: You had a fairly big accident at Silverstone last week I believe...

JPM: Yeah kind of.

Q: What part did the HANS play in that do you feel?

JPM: I think it helped a little bit with my head. I didn't hit the steering wheel or anything. I did feel it stop my head and it was pretty good.

Q: So you are pretty much in favour of it?

JPM: You have to use it...especially when I hit the tyres I thought it was pretty good. But I was a bit surprised to be underneath the tyres. I think you are not meant to be underneath the tyres when you have a belt, and actually the belt was on top of me. What can you do... nothing.

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