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FIA Saturday press conference - Spain, part 2 03 May 2003

Rubens Barrichello (BRA) Ferrari with his engineers.
Formula One World Championship, Rd5, Spanish Grand Prix, Barcelona, Spain, 3 May 2003

1. Michael SCHUMACHER (FERRARI), 1m17.762s
2. Rubens BARRICHELLO (FERRARI), 1m18.020s (+ 0.258s)
3. Fernando ALONSO (RENAULT), 1m18.233s (+ 0.471s)

Published with permission from the Federation Internationale de l' Automobile.

Q: Michael, before the start of qualifying Ross (Brawn) said, I think with a certain amount of frustration, this track is so inconsistent. To what extent were you chasing the settings of the car and gambling with the settings of the car before qualifying?

Michael SCHUMACHER: Basically for me it has been the first time to be here with the new car, Rubens has been here and so we got some information but at the time we concentrated on one aspect. This weekend we tried to concentrate on another aspect and indeed the circuit did change temperature, wind direction, so it was maybe not the most easy to find the direction to go but in the end we did.

Q: How much of a gamble was it?

MS: We won the gamble so it was a good one. But it is not that much of a gamble, it wasn't like we were in completely one direction and then went to another, it was just fine-tuning and finding the right set-up.

Q: The track temperature came down a little bit towards the end. Do you think that made a difference for you?

MS: I think less than basically putting rubber on and cleaning the circuit. That is much more of an effect and influence and an effect that anything else and I guess it can only be a degree rather than anything more.

Q: The World Championship leader had a bit of a problem out there, what were your feelings when you saw that?

MS: If you look at the points situation obviously that is an opportunity for us, where we are, where he is.

Q: Rubens, how have found working with the new car? Has it been straightforward? You obviously had a problem yesterday but otherwise fairly straightforward?

Rubens BARRICHELLO: Yeah very much. It is pretty much on the same level of work or concentration or talking to the engineers as the other car. Not a big change.

Q: You've had phenomenal straight-line speed, is that something you have been concentrating on?

RB: Not really. We've been working on the car as a package, nothing special on straight-lines or cornering or anything, just concentrating on getting the best out of the car balance-wise. Tomorrow's race is going to be for everyone quite a hard day and it is always the key here that the track will get even more dirtier on the outside, more rubber in but the rubber on the outside just makes you lose the line so I think it is going to be interesting.

Q: Fernando, did you ever dream that you could be on pole position here in your home Grand Prix?

Fernando ALONSO: Yes, but these guys here have very good potential, they are very quick and it is difficult to fight with them. But for me third position here in Barcelona is like a dream, it is a fantastic result from qualifying and tomorrow we will have a very good chance to score more points. I think our car is very competitive with fuel and the race should be good for us and also for the tyres.

Q: Were you happy with the lap?

FA: Yes. I was very happy when I crossed the line. Obviously you can do something more always, maybe one-tenth or something like that, but the position should be the same.

Concluded in part three.