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Additional up-close seating at Indianapolis 28 Aug 2003

The crowds were large as the grid prepared for the Grand Prix.
United States Grand Prix, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, USA, 29 September 2002

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is to offer Formula One racing fans up-close seating for the 2004 United States Grand Prix with new grandstand seating located in the infield of the 4.192 km road course.

The new reserved-seats will be placed in two locations: outside Turn 6 at the north end of the venue, and between Turns 10 and 11, directly behind the Speedway's Hall of Fame Museum.

The new seats are expected to provide one of the closest views among all Formula One venues worldwide. The front of the Turn 6 seats will be approximately 45 metres from the edge of the track, and the Turn 10 seats will be even closer.

The north-end seating will provide fans with a spectacular view as cars negotiate Turns 1 through 7 before entering the high-speed backstretch, and the seating adjacent to Turn 10 will allow fans to watch the cars decelerate rapidly from the backstretch, negotiate the tricky 'S' consisting of Turns 8, 9 and 10, pick up speed through Turn 11 and then power on to the oval portion of the road course.

The decision to install the new seating follows the popularity of the existing grass-covered infield viewing mounds, which provide a general-admission, standing-room-only view during race.

These have been a big hit with fans due to their close proximity to the track. The new seating will not impede the sightlines of spectators using the mounds.

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