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Cosworth to remake legendary DFV engine 25 Feb 2004

Cosworth Racing has announced that it is to resume manufacture of the most successful engine in the history of Formula One racing, the DFV V8. Cylinder blocks, heads, sumps and front covers will all be available from late spring/early summer.

Conceived by Cosworth founder Keith Duckworth in 1966, the DFV (Double Four Valve) was a quantum leap in terms of engine design. Duckworth considered all areas of the engine from first principles and consequently designed an ideal solution to each of the inherent challenges. The result was an engine that was not only extremely light, compared to its competitors, but gave exceptional power and driveability from the outset.

However, it was not only the power unit itself that was innovative. The DFV was the first engine in Formula One racing to form part of the race car's structure, as a stressed member. This meant that the structure and framework that traditionally retained the engine within the car were no longer required and as such, the car's overall weight was greatly reduced.

Cosworth was commissioned by Ford to develop and supply five examples of the DFV in 1966. It delivered the first engine to the Lotus team in 1967, in time for the Dutch Grand Prix, which Jim Clark promptly won. The engine went on to claim a further 154 race wins in Formula One, before various derivatives were used in America, in IndyCars and Champ Car racing.

Nowadays, the engine is experiencing a renewed lease of life in classic race series, such as the Thoroughbred Grand Prix Championship, which Cosworth Racing supports. And it is because if this that Cosworth Racing decided to remanufacture the DFV's core components, to service an ongoing demand for the engine.