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Renault see the benefit of 3D 16 Apr 2004

Renault R24.

Renault have extended their relationship with California-based 3D Systems, who provide solid imaging solutions to the team for both wind tunnel and full-scale applications.

Last season the team inaugurated the Advanced Digital Manufacturing Centre (ADMC), the largest rapid manufacturing facility of its kind in Europe and the result of a unique collaboration between the two companies.

Now, the team have announced that two further 3D Vanguard SLS systems have been commissioned this week to enable them to enhance rapid direct manufacturing capacity for the R24 race car and its successors, both in the wind tunnel and in full-scale end-use applications.

"The addition of the SLS system capacity to the ADMC forms part of our long term vision for rapid direct manufacturing," explained Renault F1 Team Operations Director John Mardle.

"Rapid direct manufacturing has a significant role to play in the future production of our racing cars, as we look to further reduce lead times and guarantee the best possible level of production reactivity. Our collaboration with 3D Systems has already seen significant materials technology advances in the field of stereolithography, and we will now be looking to push harder and further in terms of product technology using our new SLS system capabilities."

Abe Reichental, 3D Systems' Chief Executive Officer said "Understanding the importance of speed to the racing world, 3D Systems and the Renault F1 Team, partnered to create unique rapid design and manufacturing capabilities enabling the Team to dramatically reduce their design cost and time".

He also added that "The Renault F1 Team continually pushes the use of solid imaging technology through rigid material testing, to direct manufacturing of production parts for wind tunnel testing to the manufacturing of parts used directly on the racecar. The opportunity to work closely with innovators like the Renault F1 Team, provides us a glimpse towards a future alternative manufacturing environment for the entire automotive industry and beyond."