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Shanghai International Circuit ready for launch 28 May 2004

The final layer of tarmac has now been laid at Shanghai's International Circuit, due to host China’s first Formula One Grand Prix on September 26. In a few days the venue will reverberate to the sound of race engines for the first time, as the China Circuit Championship kicks off its first season at the landmark track.

The weekend of June 4-6 will see both the opening event of this new Championship and the first racing to take place on the circuit. During this weekend Ferrari will also be running a number of exciting events at the track and throughout Shanghai itself.

The Circuit has three layers of tarmac in total, on top of a 40cm crushed aggregate road base. The lowest layer of tarmac, the asphalt base course, is 10cm thick and the middle, binder course is 4cm. The top layer, the wearing course, is polymer-modified bitumen – the specialist construction of this layer, a combination of coarse and fine aggregates and mineral filler, ensures a smooth, durable surface that can withstand extreme impacts and resist high temperature deformation, while maintaining high levels of grip.