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Exclusive - team bosses on Mosley 14 Jul 2004

(L to R): Max Mosley (GBR) FIA President  talks with Flavio Briatore (ITA) Renault Team Principal and Dr Mario Thiessen (GER) BMW Motorsport Technical Director.
Formula One World Championship, Rd 6, Monaco Grand Prix, Race Day, Monte Carlo, 23 May 2004 Ron Dennis (GBR) McLaren Team Owner.
Formula One World Championship, British Grand Prix, Rd 11, Practice, Silverstone, England, 9 July 2004 Frank Williams (GBR) Williams Team Owner.
Formula One World Championship, Rd 5, Spanish Grand Prix, Qualifying Day, Barcelona, Spain, 8 May 2004 Tony Purnell (GBR) Jaguar Team Principal in the FIA press conference.
Formula One World Championship, Rd9, United States Grand Prix, Practice Day, Indianapolis, USA, 18 June 2004 David Richards (GBR) BAR Team Principal in the FIA press conference.
Formula One World Championship, Rd9, United States Grand Prix, Practice Day, Indianapolis, USA, 18 June 2004

Team principals' view's on FIA President's retirement

When FIA President Max Mosley announced earlier this month that he is to retire from the post at the end of this season, it sent a shockwave through the Formula One paddock. Having had a week or so to reflect on the news, we asked some of the team bosses at Silverstone what they thought of his unexpected decision.

Frank Williams: “I think I was as astonished as everyone else, I had no idea it was coming. I remind myself that he did the most enormous amount of work for Formula One and its image in the rest of world. Furthermore, and more importantly, his efforts towards improving driver safety, and the safety of the public, will certainly be remembered.”

Ron Dennis, McLaren: “I hope he enjoys it.”

David Richards, BAR: “Clearly, Max has done some extraordinary things in his 11 year tenure as president of the FIA, particularly his road traffic initiatives, and the safety in Formula One, which was never as safe as it is today. It was a very positive period and I only wish that with these new major changes to Formula One having to be carried out he would have stayed to see those through rather than leaving everything behind to be sorted out by those to follow. I don’t think that is was a panic departure but rather think he got a bit fed up with the situation.”

Flavio Briatore, Renault: “I’m very sad. But his departure is part of the situation of Formula One. We argued, but at the end we will be missing him. He has done a lot regarding the safety of Formula One.”

Tony Purnell, Jaguar: “It is a great shame. He is a very clever man and the reforms he tried to push through had a very good impact on Formula One. If he gets his reforms through, and that will be his legacy, fantastic. I’m personally sad to see him go.”

Eddie Jordan: “I’m too stressed to think about Max Mosley’s retirement right now.”

Jean Todt, Ferrari: “I am very disappointed about Max Mosley’s retirement. I regard him very highly. He was doing a great job that nobody so far had committed himself to so completely. And he was doing it free of charge at the benefit of the others. When you take Trulli’s accident, it’s enormous what he has been doing with the teams in terms of safety. This is unique. We owe him a big tribute to what he has achieved. I will miss him and hope that he will be involved somehow.”