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Saturday weather update - rain and fog 28 Aug 2004

Fans watch at Eau Rouge.
Formula One World Championship, Rd14, Belgian Grand Prix, Practice Day, Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium, 27 August 2004

Welcome back to Spa-Francorchamps where the Belgian Grand Prix, 14th round of the 2004 FIA Formula One World Championship, is currently on hold because of the weather.

It began raining immediately after yesterday’s afternoon practice session and it hasn’t stopped since. This morning’s practice sessions will resume once there is sufficient visibility to allow the medical helicopter to land and take off. It’s not actually Spa that is holding this up, but the conditions in nearby Liege.

Conditions here are relatively clear but saturated. ‘Real rain,’ as the locals call it, as opposed to yesterday’s light rain, will be a feature of the day, with a temperature high of 16 degrees Celsius.

Tomorrow, however, the locals predict a dry day. We’ll have to wait and see, but they are usually right.