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Further safety proposals for 2005 15 Sep 2004

Technical directors from the Formula One teams have agreed proposals on three key safety areas, which they hope to see introduced for the 2005 season. The details are as follows:

Wheel tethers:
Each wheel will be restrained by a tether system which is capable of absorbing more than four times the energy of existing tethers. This has been made possible by research carried out by the newly-established FIA Institute for Motor Sport Safety into the development of metallic tethers, rather than the fibrous tethers used currently.

Research conducted by the FIA at the Transport Research Laboratory in the UK has demonstrated that an increase in the thickness of side headrests would offer significant safety benefits to drivers. The thickness of side headrests will therefore be increased from 75 to 100 mm.

Debris containment:
Following a number of incidents where sharp shards of debris have been blamed for tyre damage, all front wing endplates, ‘barge boards’ and other turning vanes will be manufactured using outer skins of materials such as Kevlar which tests have shown can reduce debris by as much as 80%.

The proposals were drawn up by the Formula One Technical Working Group at a meeting in Monza last weekend. They must now go before the Formula One Commission and the World Motor Sport Council for approval.