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FIA push ahead with planned aero changes 09 Dec 2005

The FIA's Centreline Downwash Generating (CDG) Wing design. October 24, 2005. © FIA

The FIA’s World Motorsport Council met on Friday and agreed the main objectives of the 2008 Formula One Technical Regulations.

Following the FIA’s recent release of plans for their Centreline Downwash Generating (CDG) rear wing, one of those objectives remains to change the aerodynamic characteristics of the cars so as to make it easier to overtake without increasing cornering speeds. The other is to reduce drastically the cost of competing.

According to the FIA, detailed 2008 regulations will be finalised in the week commencing December 19, 2005, and will include:

A standard Electronic Control Unit
Long life engines
Long life gearboxes
A single tyre supplier
Restrictions on the ability of the teams to change their aerodynamics during the season
Rev-limited engines
and other measures

The Council also agreed that the opening date for entries to the 2008 championship will no longer be March 1, 2006 as provided in the current sporting regulations but will now be on a date to be finalised by the Council at its next meeting on March 22, 2006.