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Ferrari unveil F2005 in Marenello 25 Feb 2005

Michael Schumacher with the new Ferrari F2005. Ferrari F2005 Launch, Maranello, Italy, 25 February 2005. World © Capilitan/Sutton

Ferrari have finally launched the car they hope will win them a seventh consecutive Formula One constructors’ championship. The F2005 will make its race debut at the Spanish Grand Prix on May 8, with the team planning to use the interim F2004 M until then.

“The Ferrari team is on great form and we want to repeat the successes of the past few years,” said managing director Jean Todt as the wraps came off the new car in a relatively low-key ceremony on Friday. “We want to maintain our position and I would say I will to win is even stronger now.”

As with their rivals’ 2005 cars, the most noticeable revisions are a result of the new regulations for the coming season. “Obviously, the biggest changes concern the aerodynamics, with a raised a front wing, the rear one moved further inboard, and the floor and diffuser also undergoing modifications,” explained technical director Ross Brawn.

Ferrari hope that delaying the F2005’s introduction will allow the world champions to get a better handle on the impact of the new rules and test drivers Luca Badoer and Marc Gene, both present at the launch, will be putting in plenty more development testing with the car and its 055 engine prior to its planned debut in Barcelona.

Commenting on the new rules that limit a driver to the same tyres for both qualifying and race, Brawn added: “It will revive something of the old F1. The ability to run a set of tyres for the whole race will be a key factor and make for fascinating and spectacular racing.”

Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello finished first and second in last year’s Australian Grand Prix.