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Michelin complete post-Indianapolis enquiry 28 Jun 2005

Pierre Dupasquier (FRA) Michelin Competitions Director leaves an extraordinary meeting between team owners, Michelin, drivers, the FIA and circuit organisers to decide how to hold the GP.
Formula One World Championship, Rd 9, United States Grand Prix, Race Day, Indianapolis, USA, 19 June 2005

Michelin has finished investigations concerning its Indianapolis tyres and concluded that they "were not intrinsically flawed, but were insufficiently suited to the extreme racing conditions encountered through Turn 13 of the circuit this year."

In a statement released on Tuesday, Michelin admitted its engineers had greatly underestimated the loads exerted on the rear left tyre through the corner, hinting that revisions to the regulations, the cars’ aerodynamics and the track surface for 2005 had affected their pre-race calculations.

"The problem was that we under-evaluated the extreme constraints to which tyres were exposed through Turn 13 in the specific context of 2005,” confirmed Michelin Competition's Director, Pierre Dupasquier.

Pointing out the unique nature of Turn 13 in Formula One racing, Michelin said it has now revised its simulation model for banked corners and requested that testing be allowed at Indianapolis ahead of future Grands Prix there.

The French company insisted that the findings of its investigations validated its decision not to allow its teams to race, but confirmed that it will be present with safe, competitive tyres at forthcoming Grands Prix.

“We are grateful to our partners for their work with us right up to the last moment to seek a solution that would have permitted the race to go ahead in total safety,” added Dupasquier. “We regret that the spectators did not see an exciting race. However, in keeping with its principles, Michelin did not sacrifice safety for performance."

The seven Michelin teams who withdrew from the US Grand Prix will all appear before the FIA’s World Motor Sport Council on Wednesday to answer a number of charges relating to their actions at Indianapolis.