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Celebrity presence in Hungary 31 Jul 2005

Roberto Carlos (BRA) Footballer.
Formula One World Championship, Rd13, Hungarian Grand Prix, Race Day, Hungaroring, Hungary, 31 July 2005

Budapest may not seem the most obvious destination for sport and showbiz stars, but when the Grand Prix comes to town you can be sure of spotting a famous face or two…

Soccer star Roberto Carlos is really hooked on Formula One racing. At his third Grand Prix attendance this year in Hungary he has become something of an expert: “I know so many details about these wonderful horse-powered cars that I could think of making a career in F1 once I retire from active sport. Okay, this is far fetched, but when I am fascinated about something I want to get to the bottom if it - and so I suck up everything I get told about F1 like a sponge.” Truth is, Carlos would have the perfect physique to be a driver - not too tall and built for success!

It is not very often that a big opera star finds his way into the Formula One paddock, so when the media saw Placido Domingo stroll down the pit lane in Hungary, there was quite a frenzy: “I love to watch Formula One and as one of my country man is leading the world championship it was a pleasure for me to take up the invitation of Bernie (Ecclestone). It surely is a totally different scene to that I live in, but with everything pushed to the limit, there is a certain excitement that bears comparison”

A celebrity of a very different kind was also drawing the attention of the media in Hungary. Onetime adult movie star, Italy’s Rocco Siffredi, now on a slightly different career path, flew into Budapest to take a walk down the grid: “Every Italian likes Formula One, and some like it even more. I am one of that kind. To watch the drivers shortly before they go on their hell ride was a very fascinating moment for me. I am very happy that I had the opportunity to be here and have a personal look of what I normally watch on TV.”