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New vice-chairman for Toyota Motorsport 01 Dec 2006

Toyota have appointed a new vice chairman to their motorsport division in a bid to improve their Formula One team’s technical development and race strategy structures ahead of 2007.

Tadashi Yamashina, who already oversees the Toyota Motor Corporation’s motorsport activities as a managing officer, will take up his new position at the team’s Cologne headquarters in Germany on December 1. There he will work with team chiefs John Howett and Tsutomu Tomita in a bid to bring the Japanese company its first Formula One victory.

Toyota’s Executive Vice President Kazuo Okamoto said: "As we head into the 2007 season, TMG (Toyota Motorsport Group) needs to strengthen its organization, so we have decided to send Yamashina to head up the technical development. He not only has technological knowledge but also a wealth of overseas experience, thus we're looking forward to the leadership he will bring to TMG."

Toyota will launch their 2007 car, the TF107, on January 12 in Cologne.