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The key rule changes for 2008 23 Mar 2006

Grid girls with the FIA flag. 
Formula One World Championship, Rd15, Italian Grand Prix, Race Day, Monza, Italy, 4 September 2005

A freeze on engine technology, a single tyre supplier and four-race gearboxes are among the major changes to Formula One’s Sporting Regulations for 2008, as revealed by the FIA on Wednesday.

For the 2008, 2009 and 2010 seasons, teams will only be allowed to use one engine design, which must be submitted to the FIA for homologation no later than June 1 this year. Subsequent changes will only be permitted with agreement of the FIA and all other engine suppliers.

A single tyre supplier will be chosen for the same three-year period. At each race, every team will receive the same tyres - two dry-weather compounds, one wet-weather tyre and one extreme-weather tyre. Tyre warmers will be banned.

The two-event engine requirement will remain, but gearboxes will have to last four Grands Prix. Unscheduled changes of either item will lead to a 15kg weight penalty for the car concerned. This will replace the existing system of ten-place grid penalties. Spare cars will be banned.

Testing outside races will be limited to 30,000 km per year. At races, parc ferme conditions will be extended to run from 18.30 on Friday evening until the start of the race. Currently, cars do not enter parc ferme conditions until after qualifying.

New teams will no longer be required to lodge the US$48 million deposit currently needed to join the series. Instead they must pay a €300,000 entry fee. There will be more scope for the use of customer components between teams, but major car manufacturers will not be able to supply engines to more than two teams without the permission of the FIA.

The maximum permitted length of the Formula One calendar will grow to 20 races. The longest season to date has been 19.