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FIA meet with Cosworth, Ferrari, Renault 27 Mar 2006

The FIA have clarified their plans to introduce engine homologation to Formula One racing from 2008. It follows an informal meeting between the sport’s governing body and representatives from Cosworth, Ferrari and Renault last week.

In an amendment to the recently published 2008 Sporting Regulations, the FIA is now proposing a longer freeze on engine technology, with engines to be homologated for five years (2008 to 2012) rather than three.

Certain yearly changes to the engines would be allowed, but only for the purpose of improved reliability or cost efficiency. Changes designed to improve performance would not be permitted.

Details of any changes would have to be presented to the FIA by the start of January of the year in question, and a complete engine delivered for approval before the first of February of that year.

Under the proposals, the elements of the engine that could be changed on this annual basis are as follows:
- ports;
- combustion chamber shape;
- valve size, shape, and angle;
- piston crown (the weight of the piston must remain the same, as must piston ring position and compression height);
- camshaft profiles and valve actuation kinematics;
- intake manifolds;
- injector nozzles (not injector actuator);
- spark plugs;
- changes to the cylinder head consequential upon and limited to those resulting from the above.