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Bridgestone to differentiate race tyres 07 Mar 2007

Bridgestone Tyres 
Formula One World Championship, Rd 17, Japanese Grand Prix, Qualifying Day Suzuka, Japan, 7 October 2006

Visible markings will show who is on what compound

Following a last-minute change to the 2007 Formula One Sporting Regulations, Bridgestone have confirmed that they will make their two specifications of dry-weather race tyres visibly different from each other. Drivers must use both compounds during each race.

“Although introduced at very short notice, Bridgestone welcomes the making of the tyre specifications visibly distinguishable from each other as it will now enable the media and public to further understand the strategies employed by the various teams and therefore potentially increase their enjoyment of each race,” said the Japanese company in a statement.

Under the 2007 regulations, each team will be supplied with the same two compounds as their rivals at each race. Although Bridgestone have yet to reveal exactly how the two tyre types will differentiated, it is understood the ‘Option’ tyre - the softer compound used in a particular race - will be the rubber marked.

“Bridgestone is still assessing the best method for marking the tyres but it is expected to be placed on the Option tyre of the two specifications,” added Bridgestone. “This will add to the work of Bridgestone’s tyre fitting staff but we anticipate dealing with this swiftly and efficiently.”

The late change follows a joint decision between the Formula One Commission and the FIA’s World Motor Sport Council. The revised 2007 regulations now state that “each tyre supplier must undertake to provide no more than two specifications of dry-weather tyre at each Event, each of which must be of one homogenous compound and visibly distinguishable from one another when a car is on the track.”

Bridgestone now have their work cut out to prepare for the first Grand Prix which will take place in Australia on March 18.