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Alonso has more to lose says upbeat Hamilton 28 Sep 2007

Lewis Hamilton (GBR) McLaren.
Formula One World Championship, Rd15, Japanese Grand Prix, Preparations, Fuji Speedway, Fuji, Japan, Thursday, 27 September 2007 Car of Felipe Massa (BRA) Ferrari.
Formula One World Championship, Rd15, Japanese Grand Prix, Preparations, Fuji Speedway, Fuji, Japan, Thursday, 27 September 2007 Fernando Alonso (ESP) McLaren on the drivers parade.
Formula One World Championship, Rd 14, Belgian Grand Prix, Race, Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium, Sunday, 16 September 2007 Lewis Hamilton (GBR) McLaren with Phil Prew (GBR) McLaren race engineer. 
Formula One World Championship, Rd15, Japanese Grand Prix, Preparations, Fuji Speedway, Fuji, Japan, Thursday, 27 September 2007

McLaren's Lewis Hamilton said in Japan yesterday that the family member with the most laps of the Fuji International Speedway is brother Nicolas, when asked if he’s used a computer game to familiarise himself with the track.

“My brother’s been using the Playstation 2, I think!” he said. “But I didn’t have the time to try it. I don’t know really what it looks like. I know we have a very long straight, but I have no idea what to expect. But I heard it’s a very good circuit. To be honest, it is my first season in F1, but up until F1 I’ve always dreamed of racing at Suzuka, and then I arrived in F1 and then they said we don’t do Suzuka any more! So I was a bit disappointed. But it’s still a great experience coming to a new circuit where everyone is new to it. It should be a good weekend.”

McLaren are quietly confident here, with the mile-long main straight, but Felipe Massa said he believes Ferrari can also be quick here as they were in Belgium a fortnight ago and that he has high expectations.

“It’s a new track for most of the drivers in F1, so we don’t know exactly how it’s going to be. I feel for sure motivated for the new challenge, for the new track. Hopefully we can have a very good, competitive car, which I think we can have, and hopefully we will fight for the victory. It will be very good. I think we have three very important races to go. The championship is not so easy, but we need to try to put both Ferraris at the front. So let’s try.”

Hamilton is due to sit down with team mate Fernando Alonso to discuss what is acceptable on-track after the Spaniard’s controversial move on him exiting La Source hairpin at Spa recently. The two have not yet had a chance to talk things over.

"For both of us, we have got to be careful and remember that we are team mates,” he said. “I probably will speak to him later in the weekend about this, because I haven't spoken to him since the last race and I have my feelings on what happened there.

"Here is another race, another day, but when we are out there we won't be giving any handouts, that is for sure.

"We will see. I will be a lot more aware of him around me now. You wait and see.

"I am driving to keep the car on the track and be fair to everyone, but if that is how aggressive he wants to be then I can be just as aggressive as anyone else. But I am not going to take any silly risks and take myself or anyone else off - just make sure I am ahead of them and it won't be an issue.

"I feel I have nothing to lose. He is the one defending the world championship, so really he should have more pressure on him. But in the last two races he has done really well.

"I don't know if he has unloaded a load of baggage and is not feeling any weight off the team, or anything. He seems to be quite happy in the team all of a sudden, or with himself at least."

Hamilton also said that, having analysed all his data from Spa, he has a better grasp of why Alonso has been quicker in the past two races.

The Spaniard, meanwhile, said he intends to do all his talking on the track, and refused to discuss his alleged role in McLaren’s recent political problems.

"About the spying I have nothing to say... I will try to speak on the track and try to do my job," he said.

"I really think that many of the things that have been said about the spying and about me are totally wrong and not the truth.

"But these things happen and I will not answer every day what they have been saying about me and about anything, I will not lose time on that. I cannot be every day and every week answering rumours and telling my point of view or my version or my truth to anyone.

"So at the moment...I am completely focused on the last three races and that is the truth."

David Tremayne