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Faster stewards' decisions for 2008 29 Jan 2008

FIA president Max Mosley gives a statement in front of the Ferrari motorhome Alan Donnelly (GBR) FIA 
Formula One World Championship, Rd 4, Spanish Grand Prix, Race Day, Barcelona, Spain, Sunday, 13 May 2007

FIA President Max Mosley believes that changes to the stewarding system at Grands Prix this season will make for speedier decision making and avoid the lengthy delays experienced at some of last year’s races.

Lewis Hamilton’s driving behind the safety car in Japan and an appeal over fuel temperatures at the season finale in Brazil were among the controversies that took considerable time to resolve in 2007.

Previously, at each Grand Prix two designated race stewards worked alongside permanent steward Tony Scott-Andrews. However, Scott-Andrews retired from the role at the end of last season and will not be replaced.

Instead, in a revamped structure, at each race three designated stewards will coordinate with FIA representative Alan Donnelly, who will serve as a non-voting administrator at all events.

“There will be three stewards that vote but Alan's job will be first of all to make an interface between them and the race control and the press and so on,” Mosley told reporters on Monday. "Secondly, it will be to try and keep some sort of momentum so that we get the decisions quickly. There is no excuse for taking as long as it has."

Briton Donnelly, a former member of the European Parliament, has previously served as Mosley’s official representative at Grands Prix and has experience of working on sports governance with the International Olympic Committee.

Mosley stressed the value of Donnelly’s independence in his new role, adding that he expects him to “keep the pressure on to get things done quickly".