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Bridgestone to trial GP2-style single wet tyre 04 Sep 2008

A wet tyre. GP2 Asia Series Rd 3, Race 1, Sepang, Malaysia, Saturday 22 March 2008. World © Sutton

Formula One tyre suppliers Bridgestone have revealed they are developing a single wet tyre for Formula One cars, inspired by similar rubber used in the GP2 Series.

At the moment, F1 teams have the choice of two wet-weather tyres - standard wets and extreme wets. GP2, however, which is also supplied by Bridgestone, uses a single wet tyre to cover all conditions. Its sloping block tread profile is designed to wear down if the track starts to dry, changing its characteristics from those of an extreme-wet tyre to those of a standard wet.

“We have learnt a lot from our Formula One wet tyre development and our GP2 single wet tyre is an interesting area of development,” explained Hirohide Hamashima, Bridgestone’s director of motorsport tyre development.

“We do have a new single wet Formula One tyre which we have been developing. However, the current regulations call for two wet tyres, a wet and an extreme wet, so it would be a long time before we could see this tyre in use at a race weekend.”

Bridgestone plan to evaluate the prototype tyres at the next wet Formula One test.