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Get ahead with the 2013 F1™ Timing and Track Positioning App 30 Nov 2012

The Official 2013 F1™ Live Timing and Track Positioning App from Soft Pauer

The 2012 season may now be over, but for F1 fans eager to get ahead of the game, the official 2013 F1™ Live Timing and Track Positioning App from Soft Pauer is now available at a discounted rate for a limited time only*.

Currently at just £17.99**, the only official F1 app is also the perfect gift for all F1 fans, with a huge array of great features as well as some exciting updates for the upcoming season. Complete details of new features will be revealed in the New Year, but the current list includes:

Real-time track positioning: Displayed on a dynamic and fully interactive 3D map, you can see the position of every driver on the track at the same time, or pan, zoom and spin the track maps to focus on a specific driver. Icons show you their tyre choice, sector times and whether they have activated DRS.

Real-time live timing data: Timing data is streamed direct from Formula One Management's technical centre at the race track to the device. There is no faster way to see all the times on your mobile device; the app is even quicker than TV and all data is real-time.

Marshal news: Live to the app as it is issued, marshal news keeps you up to date on flags, warnings, investigations and track statuses as they happen.

Tyre information: Find out which tyre type and compound any driver is on at any given time, visually represented on the live leaderboard timing screens and on 3D maps.

DRS zones: DRS (Drag Reduction System) activation zones are clearly marked on the track maps along with the detection points.

F1 news notifications: Throughout the year the app will alert you to all new F1 news as it is issued by Formula1.com, the official Formula One website.

Pause live sessions: Pause and replay live sessions during the events so you never miss any of the action.

Download race packs: Download race packs after the event to watch the sessions again and again.

Live text commentary: Lap-by-lap live text commentary in English, French or German keeps you updated while the action unfolds.

Event counter and notifications: An event countdown shows the time to the next session and informs when a session is live. Optional notifications alert you when sessions are approaching so you don’t miss them.

Download the very best companion to the 2013 FIA Formula One FIA World Championship early via the Apple App store, Google Play, Blackberry App World or Amazon and start looking forward to a whole new season of nail-biting action…

*Discount available until the New Year
**Or equivalent store currency

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