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Q&A with Renault President Carlos Ghosn 27 Oct 2006

Carlos Ghosn (FRA) Chairman of Renault with Fernando Alonso (ESP) Renault.
Formula One World Championship, Rd 7, Monaco Grand Prix, Race, Monte-Carlo, Monaco, 28 May 2006

Renault committed to long-term Formula One future

After watching his company’s Formula One team retain both world championships at last Sunday’s Brazilian Grand Prix, Renault President Carlos Ghosn has spoken about their success and about the benefits it brings to the French car manufacturer…

Q: What are you feelings following the Renault Formula One team's double championship victory?
Carlos Ghosn:
Obviously I am very happy with this victory, and very proud of the entire team. I want to take this opportunity to thank all those people who have made a strong contribution to this performance: obviously our two drivers, our Managing Director Flavio Briatore, the President of Renault F1 Team Alain Dassas, and every member of our teams both in Enstone and Viry-Chatillon. And that's not forgetting all our supporters, both within Renault and beyond.

Q: Why is it important that Renault has won this double championship victory?
It is an important victory because it justifies the investment Renault has made in Formula One, and will make in the future. More and more, Formula One is working as an investment for us, not a loss.

Q: How would you describe the benefit of Formula One racing and this win for Renault as a major manufacturer?
Firstly, it helps to grow awareness of our brand in markets where we are little known and looking to grow. Secondly, in markets where the brand is known, it strengthens our image. It gives us a youthful, competitive personality, its shows we are a company with cutting-edge technology, that we are brave enough to take part in a competition against most of the other major manufacturers and, most importantly, capable of winning. It also brings an image of reliability because our cars finished almost all the races, not just when they won but also in the other positions. This win brings a lot to Renault, and now it's our job to transform that into a sales victory through the current products, but also in the product offensive that begins in the coming months.

Q: What will be Renault's position in the future?
We are in Formula One to stay, and we have made that clear. New regulations will come into force from 2007 and in the following years, and we are familiar with them as we played a role in framing them. I think these regulations will, in time, help us to offer the public a better show, and bring even more intense competition between the manufacturers. For Renault, this is an investment - and an investment that aids the growth of the Renault brand and Renault's products.