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Robert Kubica Q&A - BMW Sauber star open minded on 2010 20 Aug 2009

Robert Kubica (POL) BMW Sauber F1 passes the Ferrari truck.
Formula One World Championship, Rd 10, Hungarian Grand Prix, Race Day, Budapest, Hungary, Sunday, 26 July 2009 Robert Kubica (POL) BMW Sauber F1 signs autographs for the fans.
Formula One World Championship, Rd 11, European Grand Prix, Preparations, Valencia Spain, Thursday, 20 August 2009 Robert Kubica (POL) BMW Sauber F1.09.
Formula One World Championship, Rd 10, Hungarian Grand Prix, Qualifying Day, Budapest, Hungary, Saturday, 25 July 2009 Robert Kubica (POL) BMW Sauber F1.
Formula One World Championship, Rd 10, Hungarian Grand Prix, Race, Budapest, Hungary, Sunday, 26 July 2009 Robert Kubica (POL) BMW Sauber F1.09.
Formula One World Championship, Rd 10, Hungarian Grand Prix, Practice Day, Budapest, Hungary, Friday, 24 July 2009

Surfing the net and finding out that your job has all but evaporated is a bit hard to swallow, but that is exactly how Robert Kubica found out that BMW will be withdrawing from Formula One racing at the end of 2009. Kubica is expressing no preferences as to where he’d like to be next season - at this point the Pole knows he must keep an open mind...

Q: Robert, did BMW’s decision come as a shock for you?
Robert Kubica:
Well, it was quite a shock decision, an unexpected one, because at the GP in Hungary we didn’t know anything of that sort and had no clue what would come our way. True, we had some talks in Hungary and I witnessed some strange situations, but I was never expecting such a ‘big’ decision and I think everybody is still worried about the future - of course some people more, others less, but especially the Hinwil-based team is not in a good situation and I hope that there is a way out of this and that they will be able to continue, as these are all skilled people that deserve a better ending than we face now. I also found the timing a bit strange as we still have seven races to go and I could assume that finding the right motivation will be difficult. It should be important to run the season without any major issues, but now we have that huge topic - and that is not ideal.

Q: How did you learn about the decision?
I read it for the first time on the internet and then I received an email informing me about the decision.

Q: Were you surprised that nobody called you to inform you about the decision? Is that a reflection of your relationship with the team?
I don’t know the reasons. In some ways I was surprised, but normally all information has some leakage to the media before it happens.

Q: What was your reaction?
I have nothing to say. I’m kind of a small piece of this paddock and one small tool of the team. I have nothing to say about the decision of the big bosses on the board. That’s how it is. It’s hard to accept it, but I think in the end it’s much harder for the other team members than it is for me, or for Nick (Heidfeld) or for key people in the team.

Q: Do you think that it would have made a difference had the team been successful this season - winning races and getting podiums?
I think this would have changed everything. All in all I still don’t know the real reason for all that. I am sure there are reasons to take such a big decision, but I don’t really know them. If we were first or second in the championship I assume we would not have the kind of problem that we are facing now. Maybe at the end of the season they would have made that decision, but for sure not in mid season. The way the timing was, was very difficult for Peter Sauber who wants to find a solution for the Hinwil-based team. Actually the situation is not very nice and I will do everything to help them find a solution. My limits are very low in this case. What I can do is trying to get good results, try to do my best. Our season already was very difficult and that decision doesn’t make things easier.

Q: You are on the driver market now. There are only a few competitive seats. How do you see your situation?
I was linked with BMW for a very long time, since 2006, so many seasons already, and I have a contract for next year, so this situation is new for me and the people working for me. We will probably have more meetings, apart from the debriefs and technical meetings, to find the best solution for me for next year.

Q: What is the feedback of the driver market on your availability?
I don’t know. Of course I think there are a few opportunities, but as everybody was on holidays lately we will start working this weekend and I am confident to find the right place for next season. Of course that is not easy, as it is hard to say which car will be the best and which team best to go to. Hopefully I will be in a competitive car in 2010.

Q: In hindsight, how depressing is it for you that the chances that you had last year slipped away?
If you remember what I said last year - that probably we will never have the chance to repeat that success - the scenario has become reality. Last year I was upset - I thought that we didn’t make the maximum of our opportunities to fight for the championship, because I said that it might never happen again. Here you go!

Q: Do you have a particular team in mind that you would want to join for 2010?
I am quite open minded. I might have my opinions, but as we have seen you never can be sure. When I left Hungary everything was fine. Just to find myself some days later facing such a decision, I have learned now that it is very difficult to predict anything in the future. I am quite open.

Q: Looking at your standing in the championship, are you concerned that you are not able to present yourself at your best?
I think this year is very difficult - for the team and myself. The car is very difficult to drive and all I know is that all the teams want quick drivers and I’ve shown last year that once the car is quick I am able to give that little extra that might make the difference in the result.

Q: How will it go development-wise at BMW Sauber, for this race and for the rest of the season?
For here we have some new things on the car which were planned already before ‘the decision’, so we are expecting a two- to three-tenths gain, but for sure not enough to jump to the front of the grid. All in all I expect the usual performance of late.