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Making history - Exclusive interview with Adrian Campos 25 Aug 2009

Adrian Campos (ESP). Formula One World Championship, Rd 11, European Grand Prix, Practice Day, Valencia Spain, Friday 21 August 2009. Sergio Perez (MEX) Barwa International Campos Team. GP2 Asia Series, Rd1 & Rd2, Practice and Qualifying, Shanghai International Circuit, Shanghai, China, 17 October 2008. Adrian Campos (ESP).
Formula One World Championship, Rd 11, European Grand Prix, Practice Day, Valencia Spain, Friday, 21 August 2009 Nicolas Prost (FRA), Campos Racing, won race 2. Spanish Formula Three Championship, Rds11&12, Valencia, Spain, 28-30 September 2007. Adrian Campos (ESP), Minardi. Formula One World Championship, 1987.

Three new constructors have been granted entry to the FIA Formula One World Championship for 2010. One of them, Campos Meta, will be first Spanish team in history - something founder Adrian Campos is very proud of.

After much management success in junior series, Campos is ready to make the big leap. And citing his impressive track record of recent years, the former Grand Prix driver is convinced his team can reach the same level of achievement in Formula One racing...

Q: Adrian, two months have passed since the FIA confirmed your 2010 entry. What is state of affairs with your Formula One team right now?
Adrian Campos:
We already did a very good job before our entry was granted, but of course we have to be very careful to make sure that all work is done in the right timing and at the moment we are very happy with how things are going. But of course it’s a long way to go to finally have a car on the track - at the beginning of January.

Q: Have you already chosen a location for where the team will be based?
For the moment we are based in Valencia (Spain), but we are evaluating other possibilities. The Community of Murcia has given us a very good offer, but for the moment we’ll stay where we are and will make the decision on a final base in about one year’s time.

Q: You have been successful in other series, but Formula One is a very different matter. What made you decide to take on such a venture?
Well, we won all the championships we have participated in so far and Formula One was the logical next step. And, indeed, it is a historic move: for the first time a Spanish Formula One team will exist, so this is also a matter of the heart. And given our successful past we hope that we will achieve the results that we are used to. At least this is what I would like to see.

Q: How big a role did the recent Formula One cost reductions play?
We had the chance to come into Formula One only with the new rules of the budget cap and we are making the team around these rules. We know that all the teams will come down to a budget of £50 million in two years and then we will have an equal basis. In fact, it is much easier for us as we are building up, whereas the others all have to come down with their spending.

Q: Have you already lined up some sponsors?
We are now in the phase to connect to sponsors with our business plan. But remember we only got the go ahead from the FIA on July 22, and given the fact that everybody is on vacation and that there have been some irritations in Formula One, it was not serious to go and speak with potential sponsors if you don’t know the whole package. Our main drive for the sponsor approach will start at the beginning of September.

Q: Dallara will design your car. Are you convinced that they will be able to come up with something competitive? They have designed great cars for many series, but have been absent from Formula One racing for many years.
I am sure that they will do a very good job. It’s the biggest company building single-seaters, so I have a great deal of confidence in them. Only last week I’ve been at their headquarters.

Q: Can you outline what will happen at Campos Meta over the months ahead?
Well, we will speak with sponsors, we will design a marketing plan, then we have to find the drivers and outline their contracts - and of course get the car ready.

Q: Dallara are based in Italy, your team’s headquarter is in Spain: how will you manage the distance?
That is very easy. Dallara is only designing the car, the rest will be done in Spain. Dallara is working with suppliers and they all will send the pieces to Spain and we assemble it here. When we build our new factory we then will have everything under one roof. The factory will be called Campos/Dallara and that will also be the name of the car.

Q: Now that BMW are withdrawing from Formula One racing, could the remains of their team be of interest to you?
No, we have everything clear for us. Their decision to withdraw came too late for us. One month earlier would have been perfect.