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The Secret Life of Rubens Barrichello 18 May 2010

Rubens Barrichello (BRA) Williams.
Formula One World Championship, Rd 3, Malaysian Grand Prix, Qualifying Day, Sepang, Malaysia, Saturday, 3 April 2010 Rubens Barrichello (BRA) Williams FW32.
Formula One World Championship, Rd 6, Monaco Grand Prix, Practice Day, Monte-Carlo, Monaco, Thursday, 13 May 2010 (L to R): Felipe Massa (BRA) Ferrari with Rubens Barrichello (BRA) Williams and Lucas di Grassi (BRA) Virgin Racing.
Formula One World Championship, Rd 1, Bahrain Grand Prix, Practice Day, Bahrain International Circuit, Sakhir, Bahrain, Friday, 12 March 2010 Rubens Barrichello (BRA) Williams FW32.
Formula One World Championship, Rd 5, Spanish Grand Prix, Practice Day, Barcelona, Spain, Friday, 7 May 2010 Rubens Barrichello (BRA) Williams.
Formula One World Championship, Rd 2, Australian Grand Prix, Preparations, Albert Park, Melbourne, Australia, Thursday, 25 March 2010

Ever wanted to know your favourite Formula One driver better? Ever wanted a glimpse inside their lives outside the cockpit and see what really makes them tick - away from the race track? You can with the help of our series, The Secret Life. Williams’ Rubens Barrichello is our latest target, as he reveals a talent for cooking a mean Brazilian barbeque, his past as a teacher’s pet and a penchant for practical jokes…

Q: Are you the kind of guy to have a ‘Plan-B’?
Rubens Barrichello:
I would say yes. It’s probably not a real Plan B, but let me give you an example. I am very open for changing lines after the start of a race. You can always start by saying to yourself that you’re going to be on the inside, but when you see that there is absolutely no space on the inside, well that’s the time to go on the outside. I am very open to these kinds of things.

Q: What is your favourite high?
I am always so positive and smiley, but when I am at home doing nothing - and it’s probably something I shouldn’t do - is to drink a Coke. That gives me some sort of high.

Q: Who is your dream date?
The way the question is put it obviously has to be a woman and you have plenty of faces that you would love to have opposite you at the table, even though my wife wouldn’t let me. But someone I really would love to have a chat with is Tiger Woods.

Q: Which film makes you cry?
'The Champ'. It was a long time ago and the first movie that I can remember that made me cry. But I cry a lot to be honest, especially after having the kids. I have a lot of passion for my father and when I see him in my kids sometimes you just cry for the love of it.

Q: What are you afraid of?
Violence. Money is so critical in the world that sometimes people start to steal, and I am not talking about just Brazil. Brazil I know and I don’t go to places with a violent character, but nowadays you get to see more of this in areas where you don’t expect it.

Q: What was the last book you read?
That’s quite funny. I saw this book about somebody who lost weight without going on a diet. It’s called the Gabriel Method. I read that one recently - it’s quite unique.

Q: Name five things that you hate?
Traffic, late planes, waiting for people at meetings. I cannot say that I hate it, but I don’t like it if the food is not what you expected. I hate it if somebody is hurrying me when I have a shower. My showers are quite long!

Q: Have you ever dyed your hair?
Dye my hair with colours? No, never. I’m just losing my hair so I’m not painting it!

Q: What was the first CD that you bought?
I think it was a Fleetwood Mac CD.

Q: Do you have any tattoos or piercings?
I have a tattoo on my right arm. It’s a funny story. I always wanted to have a tattoo but I never told my dad because in the eighties a tattoo looked like an aggressive thing, so I never said anything. But at the end of 2005 my dad comes to me and shows me his new tattoo that he had just got! The next Monday I went to get my own one. My tattoo is two letters. It’s an F and an E. F for Fernando and E for Eduardo - my sons. Then I put a little accent and it becomes FÉ, which in Brazil means faith. That’s the story behind my long road to a tattoo.

Q: What did your teachers say about you in your school report?
I was a great schoolboy because my father always told me that the only way for me to find sponsors is to have a good record in school. And that was the only feedback that he wanted. Teachers loved me. I was not so fantastic at school but at home I was able to learn very quickly, which showed in my results.

Q: Who were your childhood heroes?
Ayrton Senna, of course, and I followed Keke Rosberg a lot too. I was so much into racing that I was not really looking anywhere else for heroes.

Q: Do you have any guilty pleasures?
I make fun of other people a lot. That sometimes makes me feel guilty. I’ll give you an example. When I was on my honeymoon the place was perfect - probably too perfect! The big yellow sun, the beautiful blue sea, all serene and quiet, so I put shampoo on the bathroom floor and my wife almost fell into the bathtub. That was very funny and made me feel guilty.

Q: Do you collect anything?
I collect other people’s helmets. I have a lot of them and I also exchange them. I have around 40 helmets, from almost everyone in the paddock now.

Q: What do you miss most from home when you’re travelling?
My kids’ smiles. I miss the kids. One of them is very quiet and the other one is a little bit of a devil, and that makes a great combination.

Q: What was your worst buy?
Well, the most expensive one for sure was the plane, but that has now become the best buy. But when I bought it, and spent most of my money on it, it occasionally made me feel I’d made a wrong decision.

Q: How do you take your coffee?
I don’t take coffee. I like to drink a cola as it has the caffeine in it, but I don’t drink coffee.

Q: Your ideal non-race Sunday morning?
Playing golf.

Q: What was your first car?
A VW Golf - and I treated it so carefully.

Q: What’s the most embarrassing mistake you’ve ever made?
The one I remember most was when I asked a friend of ours how pregnant she was and she replied that she wasn’t pregnant at all, just fat. I was truly embarrassed

Q: What is the best thing that you can cook?
I can cook a lot of things. I have improved over time and the best thing I would say is a Brazilian barbeque.

Q: When was the last time you were really angry?
It is really hard to get me really furious. Traffic drives me mad, especially in Brazil, where I always hope to be at home, because after five it’s just madness!