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Sergio Perez Q&A: Single stop key to Monaco race 22 May 2013

Sergio Perez (MEX) McLaren.
Formula One World Championship, Rd6, Monaco Grand Prix, Preparations, Monte-Carlo, Monaco, Wednesday, 22 May 2013 Sergio Perez (MEX) Sauber C30 crashes heavily at the harbour chicane in qualifying.
Formula One World Championship, Rd 6,  Monaco Grand Prix, Qualifying Day, Monte-Carlo, Monaco, Saturday, 28 May 2011 Sergio Perez (MEX) Sauber C31.
Formula One World Championship, Rd6, Monaco Grand Prix, Practice Day, Monte-Carlo, Monaco, Thursday, 24 May 2012 Sergio Perez (MEX) McLaren.
Formula One World Championship, Rd6, Monaco Grand Prix, Preparations, Monte-Carlo, Monaco, Wednesday, 22 May 2013

A qualifying crash ruled him out of the Monaco Grand Prix in his rookie season. Last year he finished one place outside the points. So will it be a case of third time lucky in Monte Carlo for McLaren’s Sergio Perez this weekend. The Mexican driver talks about his prospects in the Principality…

Q: Checo, you have quite a history with this track - looking back at your 2011 crash - so you must have some ideas on what it requires from the drivers…
Sergio Perez:
Yes, I had a big crash in my rookie season with Sauber. But that is all about Monaco: if you are not going to the limit you are not going anywhere here. That is a simple truth. And, of course, it can go wrong here at any time - to anybody. So it is important to be right at the limit - all the time - otherwise you will not find a lap time here.

Q: Does experience help here in Monaco?
Yes, it does. The driver can make a real difference here and the target for us is to do better here than we did last Saturday in Barcelona because qualifying is so crucial. This track asks everything from a driver, as your only reference is the walls that you’d better not touch. So experience definitely helps. This is not exactly a rookie track - as I learned two years ago - but rather a track that honours experience. That becomes pretty obvious when you look at the winners’ list.

Q: There is the oddity of doing only one pit stop. How likely do you think this will be?
Yes, it will make a difference if you can do only one stop or have to settle for two. If you manage to do only one it means that you will gain a lot of time compared to those having to stop twice, as you will never be able to make up the time - not in these narrow streets where overtaking is something of a miracle. But whatever strategy you run, it will also depend much on the temperature, so the paramount thing is to do a good Saturday and be able to control your race.

Q: McLaren have had quite a difficult season so far. Can this weekend be the start of something new? Could it be raining points for you on Sunday?
We are definitely scoring points. At least we will do everything to get our hands on them. But then anything is possible in Monaco. Despite the stormy relationship I had with this track, it is one of my favourites - and if you like something the chances that you will finish well are much higher.

Q: What was your first reaction when you learned that Honda will be McLaren’s engine partner from 2015 onwards?
It’s good news. McLaren has so much successful history with Honda and there is no reason why these times shouldn’t come back again.

Q: What does the name McLaren-Honda remind you of?
For sure, Ayrton Senna.

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