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Engine analysis - Ferrari Type 056 20 November 2006

Designed by Gilles Simon under the supervision of Paolo Martinelli, this engine was conceived as a reliable starting point not just for the 2006 season, but also for 2007. It may have lost two cylinders, but the new V8 was no lighter than its V10 predecessor, as Ferrari focussed on strengthening the inner mass of the engine to reduce the risk of possible weaknesses - even though in many ways the vibrations generated by a V8 are less disruptive than those of a V10. It represented a cautious start to the season, as Ferrari concentrated on issues with other parts of the car. However, they pushed hard on engine development later in the year, clearly increasing the revs, as well as paring away some of the weight. It didn't go entirely to plan, with Schumacher's engine failure at Suzuka costing him the race - and arguably the title.