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Ferrari 248 F1 - tyres & front suspension 05 October 2006

Tyres will again play a key role in Japan, but in a different way to in Shanghai. The Suzuka tarmac is far more abrasive, hence tyre wear is a far bigger issue. That means suspension set-up - in combination with aerodynamics - is crucial not only in determining the amount of grip available from the tyres, but also the rate at which they wear. The excellent stability of the 248 F1 is a real advantage in this respect and its Bridgestone tyres should fit well with the demands of this highly technical track. The resulting package should provide very good handling through Suzuka's fast direction changes and the ease of adjustability provided by the 248 F1's compact suspension layout (see detail - central transverse damper, plus horizontal rotational dampers, coupled with torsion bars) will help the drivers fine-tune their cars to near perfection.