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Renault R26 - aero package 06 October 2006

You might expect Suzuka to be a tricky circuit for Renault, after the banning of their mass damper device. Its very fast direction changes require a perfectly balanced car, and quickly expose handling deficiencies. The good news for Renault is that, as in Shanghai, the R26's aerodynamic balance is strong. The aero package the team will use here is not much different from that adopted in China, but uses a lower downforce configuration, as average speeds are higher. The two sets of winglets on top of the nose (top-left, top-right arrows) have (with the exception of the high-speed Monza race, where a single winglet was used) been present since the mass dampers went, to help ensure adequate front-end balance. Another key element are the winglets in front of the sidepods (bottom-right arrow), introduced in Canada and since adopted by many teams, including Ferrari in China.