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Red Bull RB3 - front suspension 02 February 2007

What is most striking about the Adrian Newey-designed RB3 is not just its resemblance to previous McLarens, but its front-end detailing. One obvious changes is the adoption of a twin keel (1). Although most teams have gone to a zero-keel arrangement, Newey's design does not represent a step back. There is very little difference in terms of overall efficiency between the two and a twin keel integrates more easily with the rest of Newey's front-end aero package. The actual arrangement of the suspension (2) and how it will manage airflow to the wheels is far more interesting. The wishbones are heavily sculpted and wing profiled in an effort to reduce turbulence generated by their presence. The area close to the brake cooling ducts features an array of small winglets and fins (3), which will divert airflow to minimise disruption generated by the rotation of the wheels. These seemingly small details have a huge effect on cooling efficiency - crucial given this car's small radiators.