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Ferrari F2007 - revised aero package 10 May 2007

Ferrari's new aerodynamic developments, tested in Barcelona last week, are designed to enhance its cooling capability, reduce drag and increase the car's rear-end efficiency. The front sections of both sidepods have been visibly shortened and narrowed, while wider winglets (1) have been added to increase the quality and quantity of the airflow directed into the inlets to compensate for the slight reduction in the radiator's surface area. The number of venting gills (2) has been almost doubled (to 15 each side) to further enhance the effectiveness of the car's cooling. The engine cover now sports an elongated fin (3), similar in profile to that on BMW Sauber's F1.07, to better direct the airflow to the rear wing. The revised mid-wing (4) is now triangular, with a upward-sloping tip, and will improve aerodynamic balance and reduce drag in this area.