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Ferrari F2008 - vented nosecone assembly 16 April 2008

During this week's test in Barcelona, Ferrari have introduced a dramatic new aerodynamic modification to the F2008's nosecone. An opening underneath the nose has been matched with two vents - one semicircular, the other similar in style to a NACA duct - on the top of the chassis (see inset) to create a conduit for air to flow through. This revision eases the passage of air under the crowded nosecone area (see blue arrow), thus reducing drag and minimising the turbulence of the airflow directed towards the F2008's sidepods. With a more aerodynamically-balanced car at their disposal, Ferrari hope to improve not just their performance over a single lap, but also their race pace, as both tyre wear and fuel consumption should be reduced too, giving the team even more flexibility in terms of race strategy.