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Ferrari F2008 - the secret to riding Montreal's kerbs 08 June 2008

One of the distinctive elements of the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve are its high kerbs. To set a fast time all the drivers tend to ride the kerbs, but what is interesting is how smoothly the Ferraris seem to be able to attack them. This is a result of the F2008's suspension geometry, in particular at the front, where it has been heavily modified from last year. It features a very low roll centre that allows the use of reduced camber angles (see red arrows). This not only increases the tyre's contact patch with the tarmac, it also reduces roll, thereby making the chassis move less and diminishing the rebound caused by riding the kerbs. The use of a third element damper also helps dissipate the energy generated by hitting the kerbs, reducing the subsequent chassis oscillations. In summary, the changes provide a more stable car, with a much sharper front end for Montreal's particularly rapid direction changes.