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Honda RA108 - barge board developments 19 July 2008

Honda have introduced a revised aero package in Germany. A curved vertical fin (red circle) now connects the boomerang-shaped winglet in front of the sidepods to the rearmost edge of the barge board. This solution is not dissimilar to one introduced by BMW Sauber at the start of the season and has two main advantages. Firstly it adds to the stiffness of the assembly, hence reducing harmful vibrations. Secondly it provides improved airflow management towards the rear of the car, hence raising the aero efficiency of the rear bodywork. Another part of Honda's Hockenheim revisions is the addition of two delta-shaped fins in front of the cockpit (yellow circle), similar to those on the Ferrari and Renault. Their function is to realign the airflow horizontally after it exits the front wing (normally at an incline of about 30 degrees), thus making it more useful to the car's rear-end aerodynamics, in particular winglets and the rear wing.