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2011 rule changes - rear wing simplification 03 February 2011

Teams are no longer allowed slots in the rear wing's main plane outside of the central 15cm area, and the rear wing may have no more than two sections (main plane and flap). This is to stop the use of main plains with 'sections within sections', such as that introduced by McLaren at Monaco in 2009 and subsequently used by Williams and BMW Sauber (2009), Red Bull, Mercedes, Renault and Toro Rosso (2010). The same restriction applies to the lower beam wing used by Williams last season from Monaco onwards.

FIA Technical Regulation
3.10.2 - Other than the bodywork defined in Article 3.10.9, any bodywork behind a point lying 50mm forward of the rear wheel centre line which is more than 730mm above the reference plane, and less than 355mm from the car centre line, must lie in an area when viewed from the side of the car that is situated between the rear wheel centre line and a point 350mm behind it.
With the exception of minimal parts solely associated with adjustment of the section in accordance with Article 3.18 :
- when viewed from the side of the car, no longitudinal cross section may have more than two sections in this area, each of which must be closed.
- no part of these longitudinal cross sections in contact with the external air stream may have a local concave radius of curvature smaller than 100mm.
Once the rearmost and uppermost section is defined, 'gurney' type trim tabs may be fitted to the trailing edge. When measured in any longitudinal cross section no dimension of any such trim tab may exceed 20mm.
The chord of the rearmost and uppermost closed section must always be smaller than the chord of the lowermost section at the same lateral station.
Furthermore, the distance between adjacent sections at any longitudinal plane must lie between 10mm and 15mm at their closest position, except, in accordance with Article 3.18, when this distance must lie between 10mm and 50mm.